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YouTube Annotations

What is an Annotation? A YouTube annotation is a piece of content (including words and links) that serves as an overlay that YouTube allows you to add on top of your video after it has been uploaded. They can be used to enhance your online video content by making it more engaging and interactive. Annotations […]

Developing a YouTube Marketing Strategy

Developing a YouTube marketing strategy is similar to developing any marketing strategy. You need to focus on your goals, your target audience, your message, your products, services, or brand, and the other key elements of your marketing mix. Developing a YouTube presence is indeed a valuable tool – one that will allow you to effectively […]

Advantages of YouTube For Business

Using YouTube For Business All types of businesses are producing videos on YouTube: local businesses, major national marketers, ad agencies, real estate agencies, consultants and motivational speakers, Internet-only retailers, B2C, B2B—all types of businesses, big and small. Video is great for putting a human face on your company, and you can use it to make […]

How To Build A List From Your YouTube Channel

Making Money From Your YouTube Channel When you’ve had an active YouTube channel or a decent amount of time and have garnered a massive number of engaged viewers, you now have the opportunity to monetize your viewers. However, before you can even think of making money from your list of subscribers, there are certain things […]

What You Need To Understand About The Google Panda Algorithm

The Google Panda algorithm was first released in February 2011. Google Panda is essentially a content quality filter that analyses the quality of an entire website’s content. It was specifically designed to lower the rank of “low-quality” or “thin-content” sites, and return only higher-quality websites to the front page of search results. The update was a seismic shift in Google’s search algorithm that impacted […]